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Who are we?

Our company, Animal Rebels with a cause, is a mission driven entrepreneurial adventure providing pet products and services, striving to give a voice to the “voiceless” and enhancing the lives of animals by financially supporting existing animal charities and leading an emotionally and spiritually supported global community of animal lovers who inspire change!

Our Mission

To impact millions of animals worldwide.

Animal Rebel’s mission is to impact millions of animals on a global scale by empowering communities, training animals, healing pet and human relationships, encouraging pet care and financially supporting registered animal charities through products sold.


Because our animals matter, they are our teachers and we love them.

And because

  • Healing communities, animals and ourselves is a gift
  • Belonging is awesome
  • Creating a safe space for community rocks
  • Supporting animal charities makes a difference
  • Inspiring people to live out their purpose creates change
  • Helping people clarify their animal calling inspires others








The Story

Born into a Gypsy’s home,
Not much bigger than a tiny gnome,
A four-legged fellow opened his eyes to the world.
Small and innocent, he uncurled.

He licked her face,
Looked up with grace,
And so began what would become
The greatest partnership under the sun.

Living in London he slept beside her bed –
There Banksy would never be misled.
The love grew slowly over the years
As his human was dealing with a lot of her fears.

The day came when it was time to leave;
There was so much for the pair to grieve.
They landed in Africa after a flight full of tears
But what had she done? He was only three years.

The trip caused problems of a severe variety –
The young fellow developed separation anxiety.
It took a full year for him to heal
But as he did, it was her who started to feel.

He taught her about unconditional love,
Opening her up to messages from above.
There’s nothing better than a bond with a dog
To heal all the pain and clear all the fog.

His sister would be Zoe from Ark,
A loving grandma with a lot of bark.
They helped each other through the tough,
This family was made of some real stuff.

Then the door opened and there she stood,
The angel that would bring out all of our good,
The second human to join our team.
Animal Rebel was no longer just a dream.

Graphic girl, a social media butterfly
Donating her time to be the third eye.
Brand and being come alive,
Like worker bees to a hive.

Join us in building a community safe and sound,
As we impact millions of animals all around.
Animal Rebels, with a cause:
Feathers, fur, claws and paws.

Current Products and Services


  • Animal Angel Card Readings (In-person or online)
  • Custom designed animal wine labels

Johannesburg, South Africa only:

  • Petsitting at your home
  • Daily pat and playtime with your pets
  • Dog walking
  • In-home pet boarding for small dogs

Products and Services coming soon!

  • Animal Communication
  • Dog Massage
  • Animal healing sessions
  • Animal Rebels clothing line
  • An E-commerce store that supports animal charities

Thanks to the amazing support for our BackaBuddy campaign currently running, we will be able to offer these services to you soon. We will be launching our ThundaFund campaign soon to fast-forward the build of our e-commerce store so that we will be able to financially support the animal charities soon!

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